Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I posted an article on MLM


Go check out this post on Squidoo by ME! It's about a MLM opportunity that I recently joined. It might be for you if you love to read books! Go check it out now here.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Free Resource Kit by a Top Marketer

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tips on hosting your website

Selecting a hosting company

In order to put your site up to get traffic, you need to have your site hosted by a web hosting company. And believe me when I tell you, it is a tough job when comes to selecting a hosting company. Why? Well, there are multiple web hosting companies out there! And there are many options that you have to consider when selecting the company to host your site.

  • Price

  • Disk size

  • Bandwidth

  • Database allowance

  • Customer Service

  • Up-time guarantee

Today, I will go over the different types of web hosting services...

Budget hosts

Budget host or cheap hosts, as they are called, are those that will host a site for less than $2.00 per month! And then there are companies that charge more then $100 per month to host you account! What's the different? Well, for cheap hosting companies, what you are getting is what's called a shared hosting. You are basically paying a low price per month to share the resources on one server with many other site owners just like yourself. What this means is that you site could get poor performance if all the sites hosted on that one server were to be accessed at the same time. There's only one server! And the people browsing to your site could be waiting... That's the bad thing about budget hosting companies.

Dedicated hosting

What's dedicated hosting? Well, this means that your website is the only site that's hosted on this one server. You would get performance benefits. However, you would pay much more for this benefits - like 10 or more times the price. You would pay $30 or more per month.

Lifetime hosting

There have been a few offers of lifetime hostings on the internet lately. What they are is that you pay a one time fee and you own hosting account. You would get a good size disk allowance as well as up to unlimited bandwidth.

This sounds too good to be truth. To tell you the truth, I almost signed up for this type of hosting service. However, the more I learned about hosting, the more I am staying clear of them! Why? Well, web hosting companies are in the business of making money! If they offer 1 Gb of bandwidth, they have to pay for that bandwidth somehow. Now, if a lot of people bought into their unlimited bandwidth account and pay no monthly fee. Who do you think is going to pay for the used bandwidth? The people who signs up after you, most likely!

So, you would have to be very careful when considering lifetime hosted service. The company could essentially close their doors and run with the money! And left you short of the hundred something dollars that you paid to get this service. So, buyers beware!

Check out some of these hosting companies:

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Resell rights!

Today I have a link to grab your FREE PLRs in this giveaways. If you are a budding internet marketer, you can build your list by giving out your own products. Check it out!

Private Label Rights

So, what's PLR? Well, PLR = Private Label Rights = ebooks. Most ebooks you get online these days, especially those for FREE are for private use only(ie. you can't give them away or resell them). But some do come with resell rights. There are also what's called Master resell rights. With these, you can basically "brand" the product as it were your own. But you have to pid BIG for this right. There are marketers out there that make piles of money buying Master PLRs and enlist affiliates to sell for them! That's a great idea if you can get your hands on a great product that only have limited Master resell rights; because only a few marketer would get to buy them.

Why would you build a list? Do you know that there's a saying out there in the internet marketing world? That "the money is in the list!"

If you manage to build a sizable list, you can market to them multiple times! Of course, you have to build confidence with your list before you start to market to them. Remember, it is easy for someone to click on "unsubscribe" if all they get from you are marketing bits! So, always warmup to your list first by offering more FREE stuffs and other valuable information, like ecourses.

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Also, one thing to keep in mind if you do go the list building direction: that your list has to be targeted. This means that you have to have a list build on the concept of a Niche...

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Larry Dotson's Secret Marketing Strategies

Hi welcome back!

Today, I wish to show you a package I came across. It's offering a Free 500 strategies free! And the opportunity to become a member!

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Believe me, it's like discovering a long lost pirate map to 500 buried treasures.

I promise you'll be punching your fist through glass if you ignore this:

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Friday, February 23, 2007

The journey starts here!

Hello world!

You know something interesting about that "Hello world!" subject above? I'm a programmer by trade and if you have ever read a programming book you would know that they all begin with a "Hello world!" program... Well, hopefully it's a start for the better for me. I have wasted almost 2 years of my time of doing absolutely nothing online! I have subscribed to countless ebooks and courses, as well as membership site from free ones to paid ones as well. And with hard drive full of countless ebooks later, I have yet to do anything useful with these ebook; most of which have valuable information. That's information overload for you!

Affiliate marketing! Making money the easy way.

About two weeks ago, I signed up for a "free" income generating site with the hope of making an income online. Of course, "Free" is an operative word here. I have to sign up and paid for a year of hosting service!

The intend of this blog is to share what I will be learning along the way and hopefully get you to have "Action" and begin your own web presence.

So, please come back often and check on this blog! And please add comments!